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Movers and Movers is a full service moving company with competitive pricing.

It’s a known fact that every American will move four or five times in his or her life – maybe more. The people at Movers and Movers would like to provide expert moving services each time you need us. We are a full-service company with a crack staff who will guide you through the full process. Moving adds stress to your active working life, but we will take on most of the burden. Our years of experience will help make your move as seamless as possible.

Plan your move with our staff

We offer both local and long-distance moving. Local moving is less complicated than moving to another city or across state lines regarding the expense and time requirement. However, any move still requires the same quality of careful planning and expert handling to ensure your possessions move safely from point A to B. You are welcome to set up everything online or come into one of our centers and sit down with one of our moving planners, who will discuss your event’s details and your various needs. All our package deals include boxes, shrink wrap, lots of packing paper, and tape. We give you all the materials you need to move your small items. Our techs use simple techniques of packing services so that the load will fit your truck. Their expert packing protects your belongings from damage. We provide special moving pads to guard your larger furnishings. You can choose a package that fits your budget. We also have a broad choice of insurance plans to safeguard your things in case of an unfortunate incident.

You and your planner can then talk to one of our professional drivers about the best routes and times for your move. We not only long distance movers. We can deal with any movement. But long-distance moves require more extensive planning – this is critical. It’s essential to avoid rush hour traffic and poorly maintained streets in whatever city our moving vehicle passes. The more time you take for planning, the less time you’ll spend on fixing problems later that could’ve been avoided. Sometimes circumstances arise to force a change in plans, such as changing the moving date. With advance notice, our staff can work with you to compensate for every new challenge.

We have a fleet of quality vehicles.

Movers and Movers has one of the most well-maintained moving truck and van lines in the state. We hire expert mechanics to keep our fleet in tip-top condition, ready for your moving event. They keep the oil changed and the tires fresh. All our vehicles undergo regular maintenance and emission level tests to keep them environmentally friendly. Whenever one of our trucks rolls up to your house, you can be sure it is ready to do the job.

No matter the type of mover: local or long distance moving company, anyway it should provide high-quality movement. Our staff will work with you through every phase of the move. On moving day, your large appliances will be placed into the truck with a protective covering and surrounded by thick padding to avoid damage en route. Our movers will then pack everything that has not been put into boxes already and stack the boxes neatly and safely into the truck. Our company uses an added convenience. We have the boxes, shrink wrap, tape, and other packing materials you need for your event. Any service you need to make your move more comfortable, we will provide.

Need extra storage units?

In addition to relocating to your new home or business location, you might need extra storage space for all your possessions. We offer secure units to give a place for all your excess stuff. Talk to your moving consultant, and he or she can arrange to have it ready for you when you arrive at your new location. However, you can always use our free home estimate service. Let the professionals do they work thyself.

We want you to provide a good move.

At Movers and Movers, giving you a positive moving experience is our primary goal. Our exemplary customer service and hard-working crew will make the moving process run a lot more smoothly. You can feel secure that our vehicles will get your possessions to point B safely and quickly. Our professional workers will provide as much assistance as you need to make a move as seamless as possible. We are proud to be the best full service moving company.