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Learn About Our Commercial Moving Services

If you’re a San Jose business owner or manager and you are responsible for planning an office move in the foreseeable future, you should know that hiring our company will make it all easier. We have years of experience helping San Jose business people to get workplace items, from files to furniture to water coolers, from Point A to Point B. We know that plenty of important items are found in workplaces and that they need to be carefully packed and protected. Our moving technicians will make sure that everything being moved from your place of business to your new workplace is handled gently and packed up properly.

Access Efficient Moving Services

Our technicians know how to get things done quickly, without cutting corners. Since we charge by the hour, you’ll be pleased to know that these moving experts are very efficient. They have enough experience to work in the most effective manner. Choose the number of technicians that you need (we’ll be happy to provide advice if you need it!) and then access free packing materials and fuel as part of a two-technician, three-technician or four-technician package deal.

You’ll pay a low and fair hourly rate for whichever package you choose.

We have the right infrastructure for your office move or other type of workplace move. Our skilled moving techs are clean, well-groomed and professional and our team is big enough to handle even the toughest, most complex commercial moving jobs. As well, we offer cargo vans, 12-foot trucks, 16-foot trucks, 20-foot trucks and 24-foot trucks. In terms of moving supplies, we have the very best, including small boxes, medium boxes, large boxes, packing paper, shrink wrap and tape, along with the right tools for commercial moving jobs.

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When you choose us, you’ll be ready to move forward and get things done. You’ll know that every aspect of your commercial move has been planned to perfection. This will reflect well on you as an owner or manager and it will also take a lot of pressure off your shoulders. Ideally, you should send us a quote request (phone us or use our convenient online quote request form) six to eight weeks ahead of time. However, we’re more than able to step in and help out on shorter notice…even if it’s really short notice!

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We know that moving offices or other types of workplaces can be challenging. If you allow us to utilize our experience and know-how by taking care of your move for you, you’ll find that your stress level goes down. We’ve been doing this for years and we understand what is involved. We know how to pack things up carefully and transport them safely. Also, we offer insurance policies, so you’ll be able to access moving insurance through our licensed moving company, whether you want basic, mid-range or high-end coverage. Now that you know more about our commercial moving services, why not request a quote? You’ll be so glad that you did.