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Moving Team with shrink wrap

At Movers and Movers, giving you a positive moving experience is our primary goal. Our exemplary customer service and hard-working crew will make the moving process run a lot more smoothly. You can feel secure that our vehicles will get your possessions to point B safely and quickly.

Are you hiring local movers? While there are a variety of moves, local moving is one of the most common types. Local moves are usually loaded, transported, and unloaded in a single day. Most companies generally consider local to be under a 50-mile radius. We don’t agree with overcharging for a local move even if it goes over the standard mileage, so we provide local moving services up to 100 miles. Whether you’re moving down the same block, going from one neighborhood to the next, or moving 1-2 hours away, we’ll provide you with the same service minus the extra costs other companies would tackle. Like most moving companies, local moves are billed on an hourly basis. Discuss your move size with one of our specialists so they can determine the best rates for your move – big or small.

Did you know the majority of long-distance moves are work-related? If you’ve landed a new job, moving for personal reasons or whatever your goal is, we got you covered. We have a skilled and experienced department that specializes in Long Distance Moving. Our sales experts walk you through the process and provide you with an all-inclusive guaranteed quote that covers all expenses. A well-rounded representative will ensure your entire moving process goes smoothly from start to finish, and your assigned agent will monitor the whole move every step of the way. Our department is available at all times in the event you have any questions regarding your shipment. We guarantee your arrival time and provide you with constant delivery updates and delivery dates. We understand moving Long Distance entails confining your trust in us – we take on the full load to establish your trust and deliver your household goods safely and securely to your new home. Carrying your entire house on the road is a whale of responsibility, and we take every measure to make sure we don’t let you down.

As a company, we understand what an office move is composed of. We have the right knowledge and tools to move your office furniture and arrange it to your preference. We’re happy to take on the challenge of disassembling numerous desks or cubicles or moving the heavy filing cabinets you heavily rely on. Our office representatives will help your appointed move manager throughout the process to accomplish a smooth move. If your building requires a Certificate of Insurance, we’ll send that to you right away.

Our moving and storage company was formed to help customers enjoy easier, hassle-free moves. We believe that our professionalism and experience make us a solid choice. Whether you want moving services, storage solutions, or both, we encourage you to get in touch today. We are here to help.

Labor Only

Not everyone requires full moving assistance from Point A to Point B. If you’re someone that only needs help loading or unloading your rented truck, pod, van, car, storage, etc., we can help. We offer manpower so you can receive the assistance you need. Don’t break your back trying on your own – we have professional and strong movers ready to load or unload all of the heavy or lighter items you don’t want to stress over. Our labor services also include rearranging things within your home or storage. We’ll even bring the material needed to protect your items – free of charge. Hiring a labor service doesn’t mean you don’t get to make use of the extra perks. We’ll bring the material to wrap your items and the proper tools to disassemble or reassemble furniture.

Partial or Full Pack Services

We offer a mixture of packing services. If you’re uncertain whether you want to pack on your own or need help doing so, we’ll steer you towards the better option. We know packing can be overwhelming, depending on your move size. You can leave the task to our professionals, so you don’t have to go through the stress, or you can also partially pack and leave the rest for our team. We’ll bring the necessary packing supplies such as boxes, markers, tape, and wrapping paper. Our goal is to facilitate this aspect of your move. We invite you to discuss your needs with our specialists, who will notify you of any cost difference to help you determine the right choice.