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    Palo Alto Movers and Movers: A new moving company in Palo Alto will approve.

    We provide local and long distance moving services.

    Ours is a full-service relocation company that focuses on every aspect of a customer’s moving event. Everything is designed to make the process as easy as possible. Our expert Palo Alto movers can guide anyone through the procedures.

    Full-service Moving Company

    Our goal is to take the stress of moving off your shoulders. Since we are a full-service moving company, we’ll provide as much or as little moving support as you need.

    Storage Services

    Do you need storage service for affordable rates? We offer an array of ultra-modern storage solutions. We’ll provide safe storage which is a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

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      Our Prices / No Hidden Fees & No Surprises

      1 Bedroom

      $ 100

      Per Hour
      • 2 Movers and Truck
      • Each extra mover +30$
      • Free Moving Pads
      • Free Tools
      • Free Packing Tape
      • Shrink Wrap
      • Fuel
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      2-3 Bedroom

      $ 150

      Per Hour
      • 3 Movers and Truck
      • Each extra mover +30$
      • Free Moving Pads
      • Free Tools
      • Free Packing Tape
      • Shrink Wrap
      • Fuel
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      3-5 Bedroom

      $ 200

      Per Hour
      • 4 Movers and Truck
      • Each extra mover +30$
      • Free Moving Pads
      • Free Tools
      • Free Packing Tape
      • Shrink Wrap
      • Fuel
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      Our Features

      Hassle-Free Moving

      Movers always carry: dollies, shrink wrap, moving pods, wardrobe boxes, and other moving supplies. You should NOT worry about the moving process because the moving team is always prepared for any surprises.

      Optimal Team for Your Move

      We have a recommendations for a perfect moving project:
      1 bedroom – 2 movers.
      2 bedrooms – 3 men crew,
      3 bedrooms and up – 4,5,6 men or more.

      Simple Price Calculation

      Hourly charges will start as soon as our movers arrive at the customer’s location. After minimal reserved hours has expired, the client will be charged quarterly rate (1 hour= 4 quarters, 1 quarter = 15 min).

      Disassemble / Reassemble

      Movers help clients to pack their belongings, disassemble/reassemble and wrap furniture, and load/unload the truck. However, movers are not responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting any appliances or electronics, moving jacuzzi, pool tables or any other items that weight over 500 lb.

      Customer Has to Obtain a Parking Permit

      All customers are responsible for providing safe, legal parking/permit for the moving truck and the moving team. Once the move is complete, the customer has to inspect the truck for any left items.

      Basic Contract

      First, the foreman goes through the moving policy with the customer. Then, the foreman provides the contract to the client which has to be read and signed. The client can discuss last minute changes or requests with our representative who will try to accommodate his/her needs.

      Payment Type

      Customers must pay in full after the move is completed. The payment can be provided in cash or by credit card. We will not accept the credit card for payment if the person to whom this card belongs is not present.

      Your Moving Hours are Insured

      Primary moving insurance will be provided during the move to cover any damages. The insurance covers 60 cents per one pound of the damaged item. For the advanced coverage, the client can purchase a Move Policy from any 3rd party insurance company.

      FAQ – Answers to Frequently-asked Questions

      We collected the most common questions, and gave answers


      When should I contact my move coordinator?

      Meet with one of our experts before moving day. Give us six to eight weeks to plan your move. We can start anytime but early is better. Some people set their date for six months in advance. You will have peace of mind, knowing everything will be ready. We’ll have enough techs scheduled for the move. Your vehicle, equipment, and all supplies will be waiting.

      What packing options do we offer?

      Our three package deals include all the materials you need. We provide boxes, tape, packing paper, and shrink wrap. The boxes include small, medium, and large and will hold all your smaller items. Our movers are trained for special packing techniques. This protects your belongings from damage. The techs place large moving pads around and under your furniture. This prevents dings and scratches. It’s all part of the no-worry service at Movers and Movers.

      Do you need storage services?

      Do you have a lot of old stuff? Do you have more than you can fit in the new home? Talk to your moving coordinator and find out more. Sometimes people with too many belongings need some extra space. We offer a quality solution. You can check our secure, ultra-modern storage units. These are priced like our other services, to fit tight budgets. It’s an inexpensive way to store your extra stuff.

      Free Quotation for Professional Moving Services

      Ready to move? Let’s Discuss the Details

        Palo Alto Movers and Movers – Local movers near me

        City of Palo Alto, CA, offers a wide range of Palo Alto Moving Company services, family entertainment, activities, and so much more. We are nearly the one movers which quality has no doubt. Palo Alto Movers and Movers is a new business in Central California. We offer quality residential or commercial relocation services to the residents of Palo Alto. As a full-service Palo Alto moving company, we provide help in all phases of your moving event.

        We don’t care if it’s long distance moving or a local jaunt across town. The average American will move multiple times in his or her life, according to studies by the U. S. government. We’ve set business policies that focus on doing a great job toward customer satisfaction. In this way, the home movers Palo Alto company draws in people every time they relocate their families or businesses. Our rates are competitively priced with the industry in this region. Courteous customer service will keep people coming back.

        Expert Palo Alto movers can guide you through your moving event.

        Palo Alto Movers and Movers relies on hard work and customer-oriented service to build a positive reputation above and beyond other San Francisco Bay area moving companies. We hire experienced Palo Alto movers. They provide our customers with a smooth home or business relocation process. Any move is going to add stress to your busy work and family routines. But, our job is to take most of the burden from the customers’ shoulders. We make their Palo Alto moving event as stress-free as possible.

        You can work closely with our planners and movers.

        Our staff brings years of moving experience into your event that benefits you from start to finish. We can guarantee you great service even before moving day. A moving planner will discuss the details with you. He or she will determine how much stuff you to carry from point A to B.

        Then an outline of your specific needs will be created. Your planner will suggest truck sizes needed, the number of boxes, combined with the distance of your move; all go into a solid bid you will be given. You will know up front what you will pay. There are no hidden fees. Once everything is decided, we guarantee an excellent job in putting your belongings safely and securely into the vehicles and getting them to the new site.

        As soon as our loyal movers arrive, they will go to work helping you box up your knick-knacks, toys, dishes, and all other household items. Or, you can leave all the packing in their expert hands and go take care of other necessary chores. They will get the job done quickly and efficiently for you. All boxes will be stacked neatly into the truck. Your appliances and furniture will be placed securely, protected by thick blankets of padding to avoid scuffs and scrapes en route.

        Palo Alto Movers and Movers: a moving company in Palo Alto can use for local or long-distance moves.

        Being the new moving service in Palo Alto CA, we are laboring twice as hard to earn the trust of Bay area residents. Our Palo Alto movers are trained and experienced in quality customer service. Whether you have a local move or relocating to a long distance, you can be assured one of our fleet trucks will get you there. We have a troupe of mechanical experts who keep all our vehicles in top condition. They use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and routine inspections to ensure the vehicles transporting your stuff are road safe and friendly to the air we breathe.

        Palo Alto moving company offers quality family activities and valuable education for kids.

        Palo Alto Movers and Moves offers incoming customers valuable information about their new community. Palo Alto is a small community in the San Francisco Bay area that is also part of Silicon Valley. Its population of little more than 66,500 residents have access to several family-style activities. The local architecture ranges from modern styles to historical veneer. There’s a smattering of museums, theaters, and galleries. A choice of parks, public gardens, and other natural settings provide families with amazing locations for picnicking or hiking. Palo Alto has several highly rated schools for parents whose priority is education. The Juanna Brionnes Elementary School is a five-star school on Orme Street.

        Also, it has been in place for more than a half-century. Jane Lathrop Stanford School and the Living Wisdom School, both are five-star schools in Palo Alto, serving Middle School and High School level students. All schools are grounded in high learning standards in preparing their kids for college. Finally, for advanced education, the 18+-year-old youth can attend one of several local colleges.

        The San Francisco Bay area has several attractions for family activities.

        People moving into Palo Alto will find family activity areas within convenient driving distance in the San Francisco Bay area. For the beach scene, there are sites close by, like New Brighton State Beach (33 miles) and Gray Whale Cove State Beach (22 miles). Some places focus more directly on kids, like Shoreline Golf Links (6.2 miles) and Magical Bridge Playground (2.3 miles). These and other sites hold up Palo Alto as a family friendly location.

        Hiring Palo Alto Movers and Movers will be the best of all choices. Since most American adults move multiple times in their lives, we want this to be a moving company Palo Alto residents will want to use over again. We keep our rates competitive for long distance or local moves.

        Our organized procedures save you time and expense in the long haul. We can move you anywhere in the bay area or out of state. Palo Alto Movers and Movers workers will work to give you a worry-free moving event.

        Rated 4.8 out of 5
        4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 140 reviews)
        Very good16%

        I will recommend Movers and Movers and will definitely be using them again!

        Rated 4 out of 5
        February 22, 2019

        This is my second time using Movers and Movers and was again impressed by the quality of their work. I was able to get a quote from John within 24 hours and the entire process was quick and effortless. The two gentlemen who helped me move were punctual, professional, and very fast!


        Very professional!

        Rated 5 out of 5
        October 16, 2018

        I would highly recommend Movers and Movers. He was on time, friendly and easy to work with. He maneuvered an enormous, heavy book case down a flight of narrow, hard wood stairs and then hauled the massive thing up 4 flights of stairs to my apartment and event set the bookcase/shelving unit up. Thank you!


        Overall, the most professional movers I've ever worked with.

        Rated 5 out of 5
        October 12, 2018

        If you are looking for movers who are professional, efficient, and problem-solvers, go with Movers and Movers! Despite the fact that we ran into some unexpected building issues (ie, broken elevator), the team worked with us to make our move as smooth as possible. They showed up on time and were incredibly quick (but still careful) in their loading and unloading of our items. They wrapped all furniture to prevent scuffing and did a great job with disassembling and reassembling the bed frame. I’ll be using them again next time!


        Fantastic experience!!!

        Rated 5 out of 5
        October 5, 2018

        I called a little less than a week before my move and they was responsive and flexible. On the day of my move, guys were early and got right to work, carefully handling my furniture while putting up with my dog following them around. They even gave me a ride to my new place, saving me a long bike ride. If I ever move again (and I really hope I don’t have to) I’d definitely use Movers and Movers again.


        Our move went super smoothly

        Rated 5 out of 5
        August 29, 2018

        Our move went super smoothly thanks to this moving company. All the reviews you can read about them are true and they highly deserve their 5 stars rating.
        We wanted to move to another house, and didn’t want to move all our furnitures and boxes by ourselves because of the long distance between our previous and new apartments. We were recommended this moving company by a few friends and decided to give it a try. The movers were very nice and efficient. Nothing was damaged, and the final price was fair (and worth it for the quality of the service).