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We provide local and long distance moving services.

Movers and Movers offers full service with budget friendly rates. Customers post reviews online, praising our vehicle quality, courteous movers, and great service. Go online or call and ask for an in-home quote. We have many advantages above the competition. Our staff members are top experts in the industry. Our customers talk with moving coordinators, who guide them through the moving process. The well-maintained fleet of vans and trucks are equipped for any size load. No job is too big or too small. We will help any movers Oakland has.

We are the best Oakland Movers! Graceful Service with Affordable Prices

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No job is too big or small! Please reach out to get a free quote for our moving services.

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Moving Services

Packing and Moving your stuff to a new place by a Moving Company

Full-service Moving Company

Our goal is to take the stress of moving off your shoulders. Since we are a full-service moving company, we’ll provide as much or as little moving support as you need.

Storage Services

Packing and Moving your stuff to a Storage Unit by a Moving Company

Access Sensible Storage Service

Do you need storage service for affordable rates? We offer an array of ultra-modern storage solutions. We’ll provide safe storage which is a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

Optimal Team for Your Move

Our recommendations for a perfect moving project:
1 bedroom - 2 movers.
2 bedrooms - 3 men crew,
3 bedrooms and up - 4,5,6 men or more.

Hassle-Free Moving 

Movers always carry: dollies, shrink wrap, moving pods, wardrobe boxes, and other moving supplies. You should NOT worry about the moving process because the moving team is always prepared for any surprises.

Simple Price Calculation

Hourly charges will start as soon as our movers arrive at the customer's location. After minimal reserved hours has expired, the client will be charged quarterly rate (1 hour= 4 quarters, 1 quarter = 15 min).

Basic Contract

First, the foreman goes through the moving policy with the customer. Then, the foreman provides the contract to the client which has to be read and signed. The client can discuss last minute changes or requests with our representative who will try to accommodate his/her needs.

Disassemble / Reassemble

Movers help clients to pack their belongings, disassemble/reassemble and wrap furniture, and load/unload the truck. However, movers are not responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting any appliances or electronics, moving jacuzzi, pool tables or any other items that weight over 500 lb.

Customer Has to Obtain a Parking Permit

All customers are responsible for providing safe, legal parking/permit for the moving truck and the moving team. Once the move is complete, the customer has to inspect the truck for any left items.

Payment Type

Customers must pay in full after the move is completed. The payment can be provided in cash or by credit card. We will not accept the credit card for payment if the person to whom this card belongs is not present.

Your Moving Hours are Insured

Primary moving insurance will be provided during the move to cover any damages. The insurance covers 60 cents per one pound of the damaged item. For the advanced coverage, the client can purchase a Move Policy from any 3rd party insurance company.

Moving Box Calculation

< 500 sq. ft500 - 999 sq. ft1000-1499 sq. ft1500-1999 sq. ft2000+ sq. ft
Large Box3-125-1510-2015-2520-30
Medium Box5-1510-2015-2520-3025-35
Small Box12-1815-2520-3030-4040-50
Pack of Paper11122
Dish Box2-53-64-65-76-9
Wardrobe Box3-53-65-76-108-12

Which moving service has the cities’ top workers?

We don’t like slackers and neither do our customers. Our people must meet strict policies for hard work and appearance. We hire those with a strong work ethic. Our staff goes the extra mile to help customers conduct a safe and efficient move. We have expert teams helping in every step of the moving process. Movers and Movers is a top-rated company in Oakland for its great service and workers. Everybody is required to keep their looks sharp. This includes good hygiene. Uniforms must be clean on the work floor. Hair and facial hair must be well cared for.

Do you want the best movers in Oakland CA?

Every adult American will move five or six times in their lifetime. We provide a vital service and help make that event smoother. Our rates fit most budgets. Moving your home or business to a new place is hard. You don’t need a service that drains your bank account. With our three service packages, most customers are happy. Each deal includes fuel costs and free packing material. Hire one of the best services in the city on your next move. If you want to find a cheaper company, beware. There are a lot of fly-by-night companies and scammers.

Do Oakland movers need stress relief?

Long distances or short local moves don’t matter. Our expert teams help people through the whole moving process. Loyal customers have posted reviews, telling about our great service. Check our reputation online. Stress is a part of moving your home or office. You can’t escape that. How much stress you add to your busy life is your choice. Our moving coordinators work with customers, planning the whole process. Moving techs will help families or companies get their stuff to their new address. Hire us and shift part of the burden to our shoulders. We’ll take care of your move. Movers and Movers helps lighten the burden for Oakland movers.

Can we serve all the local movers Oakland has?

Our company is licensed and insured. Some fly-by-night moving service companies can’t provide papers to show this. Don’t hire them. Few services in this industry match our scope of knowledge. Our talented team members make us the best moving service in the area. We have supplies and equipment to get your stuff moved safely. Automotive techs and garage workers keep the trucks and vans fit. Our fleet will get you where you want to go. Our vehicles will run any load size or distance. Our fleet includes cargo vans, 12-foot trucks, 16-footers, 20-footers, and the large 24-foot trucks. All are kept fine-tuned and clean.


$100 / h

2 Movers

Each extra mover +50$

Free Moving Pads

Free Tools

Free Packing Tape

Shrink Wrap



$150 / h

3 Movers

Each extra mover +50$

Free Moving Pads

Free Tools

Free Packing Tape

Shrink Wrap



$200 / h

4 Movers

Each extra mover +50$

Free Moving Pads

Free Tools

Free Packing Tape

Shrink Wrap


Get Free Estimate

Please provide us minimum estimate requirements.

(888) 244-4336

Our customer service available 7 days a week 9am-6pm

Our Reviews
Movers and Movers - San Francisco
Based on 5 Reviews
David Q.
David Q.
2018-04-02 19:45:10
This company greatly exceeded our expectations. As you know moving can be quite difficult for a family. A lot of things have to be put in place, and a lot...
Destin M.
Destin M.
2018-04-02 11:56:55
I hired these guys to bring all our stuff home from storage after a major addition and renovation to our house. Sam's team was wonderful! They called about...
Steve B.
Steve B.
2018-03-30 13:56:02
We use these guys to move a 2 bedroom apartment everything came out great. We had good service from the first phone call to the last item off the truck. You...
Arbi K.
Arbi K.
2018-03-18 23:58:50
We found them through yelp they are very professional and amazing guys have perfect customer service thank you so much guys.
Alex P.
Alex P.
2018-03-13 07:35:18
I was dreading my move from Florida before I found mover and movers. These guys made my transition nearly flawless and didn't empty out my pockets. With...
Avery A.
Avery A.
2018-03-07 20:15:13
So it being my first time hiring movers, I was very nervous. I had no idea what to expect. But without a doubt, my first time hiring movers left me beyond...
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Movers and Movers
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Jaclyn Jenneve
Movers and Movers was very professional and efficient. Communication was excellent and they were very careful in moving my very fragile items. I would absolutely recommend them and use them again!
Sheyla Samorodnitsky
These people are amazing. Movers and Movers, they are communicative and flexible, and even stopped by three different times to drop off boxes when we were moving out of our place in September. Moving out of storage and into our new place this past weekend was so easy. These people are friendly, trustworthy, and professional. I just unlocked the storage unit, went about my business elsewhere. Very reasonable rates, very diligent about when the clock is and isn't "running," and very friendly. No box fees, no stair fees. When we unpack, we'll give them a call to come pick up the boxes. They have helped make what is usually a very stressful and tiring process into something efficient and really darn near pleasant.
Logan Dufresne
Awesome experience with friendly, helpful and conscientious movers. Very polite and wrapped all of the furniture with care and efficiently moved all of my belongings. Was impressed that everytime I said thank you, they responded with a "You're Welcome!", rather than 'no problem' which is so unheard of these days. The extra attention to detail, the review of expected maximum time and entire process from being able to book online, receiving a call before hand to answer questions and a call to tell me they were on their way and if I needed any additional moving boxes since I had packed many items myself shows the level of service. Will definitely use Movers and Movers again for my next move and recommend to all of my friends! Finally a company that is working to redefine the moving experience sans the pain and stress. Thank for the lovely housewarming plant gift too!!
Aviva Pratico
Movers and movers did a fantastic job! They arrived on-time and with a truck that handled all of our belongings in one trip. They were efficient, friendly, and careful with our furniture. I would highly recommend Movers and movers and will definitely use them the next time we move!
Rosabella Warnement
Fantastic experience. I called a little less than a week before my move and they was responsive and flexible. On the day of my move, Movers and Movers were early and got right to work, carefully handling my furniture while putting up with my dog following them around. They even gave me a ride to my new place, saving me a long bike ride. If I ever move again (and I really hope I don't have to) I'd definitely use Movers and Movers again.
Mattie Dalrymple
Moving is so stressful and looking for a good movers isn't easy too. But I had such an amazing experience with this team. This is my first time hiring movers and I'm glad that I chose a good one! They were very nice, professional and caring with what they do. They made sure my furniture were protected so they wrapped everything. Just the way they worked I can tell that they're precise about making their customers happy! And I am happy ! I will definitely recommend their service to my friends and family.
Karlie Crosby
Movers and Movers is my favorite moving company. These guys turned a nightmare into a daydream - no fooling! I worried and sweated and once they arrived, a brutal day (aren't all moving days?) became a delight. I love my new home, and this was the perfect way to get started. They are hard workers, careful, respectful and have a great business ethic. I recommend Movers and Movers without hesitation.
Elvia Beer
Our move went super smoothly thanks to this moving company. We wanted to move to another house, and didn't want to move all our furnitures and boxes by ourselves because of the long distance between our previous and new apartments. We were recommended this moving company by a few friends and decided to give it a try. The movers were very nice and efficient. Nothing was damaged, and the final price was fair (and worth it for the quality of the service).
Freyja Sonsini
We hired movers to load a 20 foot container. They were responsive, helpful answering our questions before they arrived and did an excellent job of tightly packing our container. They maximized the amount of stuff they could get in the container while ensuring that it was tightly packed so our things wouldn't get jostled while the container was loaded without any damage. All of our belongings arrived unharmed. Prices were reasonable and they worked efficiently. I highly recommend them. I would use them again.
Anissa Marsischky
I'm calling this moving company again just two months after my last move - I have to move again and there was no question who I was going to call. These guys are helpful, very professional, fast, and very fair pricing. Nothing was damaged at all in the move. They wrapped everything with both speed and care. My art and framed things were carefully wrapped and protected in a special place in the truck. I live up a long, tight, windy driveway, and movers were masterful at navigating the big truck up to the house. You can feel confident about these guys.
Skyler Zook
We booked Movers and Movers to move our 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom house into a storage facility. This team was very professional, efficient and great to work with! It made the move so much easier. The moving coordinator was also great to work with and broke down the costs and answered any questions I had prior to the move, including what was included in the quote, what ""double drive"" time meant, and the variable costs (disposable packaging), etc. The movers took really good care of our furniture, ensuring they padded and wrapped everything. I would definitely recommend Movers and Movers!
Rubi Lafratta
This moving company did an incredible work getting my boyfriend and me out of our 1 bedroom apartment and into our townhouse. They were early for our arrangement and worked hard getting our furniture wrapped and load the truck. The truck was 26 ft long and had bounty of room for all of our stuff. The movers were nice and polite. Despite the fact that elevator was out of order, movers didn’t stop. They used stairs and took my furniture down through 4 flight of stairs. We were given estimate 4 hours and they were done in less than 3 hours. Finally, we had a great experience and we would highly recommend them!
Zoe Orviati
Movers and movers were lightning-quick, extremely considerate with our stuff, and went the extra mile to help us plan how to keep everything safety in storage. They had a positive attitude the whole time and were awesome to work with. Highly recommend.
Nala Torsney
I had a great experience with this moving company. They arrived on time, early in the morning at 8 am as it was scheduled. I moved from 4 bedroom house and most of my furniture was heavy and antique. However, movers were quick, professional and they took care about all my belongings. Movers used blankets, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and paper wraps to protect my valuable items from damage. Also they helped me with packing which saved my time. If you need full packing services just let them know while booking your move. I definitely recommend this moving company!!!
Juliet Winig
Absolutely the best moving experience I ever had. Everything was done on time, within the price boundaries I expected, and no piece of furniture or box ever touched a wall anywhere on the way out or on the way in. These guys were extremely professional, courteous, attentive, careful, and all in good spirits, which helped tremendously! Much appreciated and highly recommended.
Olivia Jaffe
We had very good experience with Movers and Movers. Our elevator was out of order and guys moved everything from 3rd floor without complaining, with no additional fees. Guys worked really hard. I would recommend this company to everybody. great service!
Sophia Jacheles
We are very happy that we hired Movers and Movers to move our apartment. Movers showed up on time. They were very fast, some of my stuff were unpacked but they packed everything quickly, wrapped all furniture and carefully moved them. excellent customer service!
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Crystal Cantu
Crystal Cantu
05:16 29 Sep 18
Guys moved quickly and efficiently. Took good care of our stuff and were very respectful of the space. Arrived later than we had scheduled, partly due to BART issues, but partly not. No big deal because- hey, what else are we doing all day- but something to maybe be aware of if you are on a tight schedule. I would definitely hire them again!
Chas Jewell
Chas Jewell
05:51 28 Sep 18
Without question one of the best moving experience, I've ever had. I tend to be pretty skeptical about hiring professionals, but these guys made it incredibly easy. Not only did they show up on time, they actually came a little early and worked very fast. I wouldn't hesitate to hire these guys again.
Jose V. Lynn
Jose V. Lynn
05:18 26 Sep 18
On time.Fast.Honest.Straightforward no bs moving company. At an excellent $ rate. These guys did their job perfectly respecting my family while they were there. They accommodated our every specific need perfectly.Thank you guys I will be using you for every move I make. Appreciated. Don't waste your time even researching. I did all the possible research. These guys nailed it.
Joyce Heinz
Joyce Heinz
12:49 25 Sep 18
Best move ever!! Everything from booking to confirmation to being on time, efficient, and super knowledgeable. The team even transported a very expensive piece of art for me and it was not charged extra, they wrap everything as well. Thank You!!! Will definitely recommend. !!!
Richard E Bordner
Richard E Bordner
05:18 25 Sep 18
My move was so quick and if you have everything packed up it's even faster. They are young guys but they were very professional and did the job quickly. They wrapped up all my mirrors and they even offered to take apart one of my pieces of furniture so they could wrap it because they wanted to be sure it doesn't get that it doesn't get damaged. Great service and worth hiring to get the job done! Also, scheduling was very easy and they responded very quick.
Theresa Burchard
Theresa Burchard
05:16 24 Sep 18
The easiest move of my life ! The team was very efficient.I had Jesse and Isaac.they were great.They packaged everything carefully and made sure nothing was damaged. They wrapped my TV and sensitive electronics with padding so I didn't have to do anything. I suck at packing and had a bunch of miscellaneous stuff left over, but they were able to get everything packed up for me. The move was super quick and we only needed the minimum time. I moved a 1 bedroom from SF to the peninsula and the total time everything took including travel was 2.5 hours. Overall very pleased with their service and will recommend them to my friends and family.
Moses Mintz
Moses Mintz
05:16 20 Sep 18
I would highly recommend Movers and Movers. They were on time,friendly and easy to work with.They maneuvered an enormous, heavy bookcase down a flight of narrow, hardwood stairs and then hauled the massive thing up 4 flights of stairs to my apartment and event set the bookcase/shelving unit up. Thank you!
Andrii Kaprii
Andrii Kaprii
02:31 23 Jul 18
Good company and great service.
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Do you have any questions about movers Oakland CA?

We’re the best of Oakland moving companies and guarantee great rates and service. Shop around, before you sign an agreement with anyone. We want you to compare our services to other providers. Go online and read reviews. Ask questions. Dig deep Oakland. If it’s your first move, dig deeper. We have several questions of our own, things customers ask us. Maybe these will help you.

How do I book a move with Movers and Movers?

Call or go online. You can ask one of our moving experts do an in-home estimate. Our staff will get all the details and suggest a service package that fits your move. You decide what you want to do. Hire us, and you will know why we’re one of the top Oakland local movers.

What is involved with an in-home estimate?

Many customers love this simple service. It allows us to start planning the move. One of our coordinators will visit your home and look at how many rooms you have. They will estimate what you need for an easy move. This includes the costs, supplies, and vehicle size. Some people have a lot of stuff and need storage. Our coordinator will discuss all of this with you, but you make the final choice. You will be given a quote, showing all costs. No hidden fees will be added later. The quoted amount is solid.

When should I contact my move coordinator?

The best answer would be as soon as possible. Early is good. After you find out you must move your family or business, contact us. Give our moving teams at least six full weeks to prepare. Some Oakland movers have reserved our services six months in advance. Your truck will be waiting with a full tank of gas. All your supplies and equipment will be in place, and enough moving techs scheduled. You can be assured everything will be ready on moving day.

My move date changed. What should I do?

Plans can change. This is the worst kind of surprise for some movers. We can handle the unexpected. Call your moving coordinator and explain what happened. Our resources allow a lot of flexible, so we’ll reschedule your move. We’ve been in business a long time, and every problem has a solution.

What packing options do you offer?

Our techs use simple packing techniques, so your belongings will fit in the truck and avoid damage. Our moving packages include boxes, tape, shrink wrap, and packing paper. You will have plenty of supplies to move your small items. Our moving techs will use special moving pads to protect your large furnishings.

How do I change my address?

Don’t wait too long. Visit your local post office. Tell them you want your mail rerouted. The workers will provide a change of address kit, or you can go online to USPS.com/move. This is the easiest way. Get the changes done, and you can move on to other tasks. Don’t delay. Putting it off can cause you to forget.

Who should I inform that I am moving?

Talk with your spouse and list everyone you believe should be told. Get your list finished and follow through with taking it to the post office. You’ll avoid a lot of problems later. Your utility companies have to be told. You want them to switch electricity and water on the right day. Tell the bank, land-line company and any delivery services. The post office will send notices. You’ll receive an email, telling you it’s done. You may have more questions, so talk to your moving coordinator.

What am I not allowed to bring with me on my move?

Almost anything is allowed, except hazardous items. Things like fuel or ammo we can’t carry. Other items include anything that might cause injury or damage. Your moving coordinator will give you a complete listing.

Which Oakland moving company do residents trust?

Go online and read what customers say about us in their reviews. That’s the best way to check a moving service provider and know what they are all about. We’ve been helping Oakland movers for a long time. Our people give great service in every project. Our expertise has put us at the top of our industry. Everyone will move more than once in their life. Call us. Let us help you. We’ll give an in-home estimate and a promise of personable service. Give a big Oakland yelp!

Where can Oakland movers find the best storage service to help them?

We want our prices to fit your budget, including the secure, ultra-modern storage models. Some people own too much stuff, and they don’t want to cram it all into a new house. Talk to your coordinator about our storage solutions and find out more.

Do you need piano movers Oakland?

Do you like to tickle the ivories? These large, heavy instruments are a challenge to move, so you need an expert. We have strong, fit moving techs, and they will handle this type of project. It’ll take several people, but your piano will get moved with everything else.

Do you need to move your business?

Movers and Movers will relocate commercial or retail businesses. We use the same careful techniques moving desks as we do moving home furnishings. We’ll send a coordinator to talk to you.

Avoid the fly-by-night movers Oakland, Ca

Be careful looking for really cheap movers in Oakland. There are scammers out there who will take your money and run. There are others that will move your belongings and try to attach hidden fees on your bill. Unethical businesses prey upon people distracted by the confusion of planning. First timers are their favorite targets. These companies don’t have our expertise. Our people don’t try sleazy tricks. The quotes you receive in the beginning are what you pay for. We’ve built a sense of trust in our city. Hire us, and we won’t strain your back account. We are a moving company Oakland that values integrity.

Oakland movers can rely on quality service at Movers and Movers.

Preparing customers for moving day and providing what they need is our main purpose. We have teams of experts working hard to make it a smooth event. Our rates and service are some of the best in the city. Our business philosophy and hard work have built up great reputation. Oakland movers deserve the best service in the city.

4.84.8 out of 5 stars (based on 30 reviews)
Very good17%

Very professional!

October 16, 2018

I would highly recommend Movers and Movers. He was on time, friendly and easy to work with. He maneuvered an enormous, heavy book case down a flight of narrow, hard wood stairs and then hauled the massive thing up 4 flights of stairs to my apartment and event set the bookcase/shelving unit up. Thank you!


Thanks guys!!

October 16, 2018

Movers and Movers are amazing!! They did such a great job moving all of our stuff, protecting everything and setting it all back up in the new place. They showed up early which was great and explained the whole process and started right after they arrived. They took direction easily and were very friendly which is not always easy when you are working so hard lifting heavy things. They also took very special care of the TV which made my husband very happy LOL. Best moving experience ever!!


They were great!

October 14, 2018

Easiest move of my life! The team was very efficient. They packaged everything carefully and made sure nothing was damaged. They wrapped my TV and sensitive electronics with padding so I didn’t have to do anything. I suck at packing and had a bunch of miscellaneous stuff left over, but they were able get everything packed up for me. The move was super quick and we only needed the minimum time. Overall very pleased with their service and will recommend them to my friends and family.


Thank you for a good job

October 14, 2018

Just used Movers and Movers to move a few items from my house into storage. Very nice guy, with a pickup truck. Brought a polite helper with him. Tied everything down well, even though we were going only a few blocks. He knew the drill when we got to storage, got the dolly and made it all happen with minimal direction needed. Totally recommend him.


Overall, the most professional movers I've ever worked with.

October 12, 2018

If you are looking for movers who are professional, efficient, and problem-solvers, go with Movers and Movers! Despite the fact that we ran into some unexpected building issues (ie, broken elevator), the team worked with us to make our move as smooth as possible. They showed up on time and were incredibly quick (but still careful) in their loading and unloading of our items. They wrapped all furniture to prevent scuffing and did a great job with disassembling and reassembling the bed frame. I’ll be using them again next time!