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    Movers Manhattan Beach – Movers and Movers Moving Company.

    We provide local and long distance moving services.

    Of all moving companies, Manhattan Beach can boast about, Manhattan Beach Movers and Movers’ policies and procedures are designed to fulfill every customer’s needs in a moving event. Our people are much responsible and always showed up in time. No matter the type of move you have residential or commercial, short or long distance, we keep you happy.

    Full-service Moving Company

    Our goal is to take the stress of moving off your shoulders. Since we are a full-service moving company, we’ll provide as much or as little moving support as you need.

    Storage Services

    Do you need storage service for affordable rates? We offer an array of ultra-modern storage solutions. We’ll provide safe storage which is a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

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      Our Prices / No Hidden Fees & No Surprises

      1 Bedroom

      $ 100

      Per Hour
      • 2 Movers and Truck
      • Each extra mover +30$
      • Free Moving Pads
      • Free Tools
      • Free Packing Tape
      • Shrink Wrap
      • Fuel
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      2-3 Bedroom

      $ 150

      Per Hour
      • 3 Movers and Truck
      • Each extra mover +30$
      • Free Moving Pads
      • Free Tools
      • Free Packing Tape
      • Shrink Wrap
      • Fuel
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      3-5 Bedroom

      $ 200

      Per Hour
      • 4 Movers and Truck
      • Each extra mover +30$
      • Free Moving Pads
      • Free Tools
      • Free Packing Tape
      • Shrink Wrap
      • Fuel
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      Our Features

      Hassle-Free Moving

      Movers always carry: dollies, shrink wrap, moving pods, wardrobe boxes, and other moving supplies. You should NOT worry about the moving process because the moving team is always prepared for any surprises.

      Optimal Team for Your Move

      We have a recommendations for a perfect moving project:
      1 bedroom – 2 movers.
      2 bedrooms – 3 men crew,
      3 bedrooms and up – 4,5,6 men or more.

      Simple Price Calculation

      Hourly charges will start as soon as our movers arrive at the customer’s location. After minimal reserved hours has expired, the client will be charged quarterly rate (1 hour= 4 quarters, 1 quarter = 15 min).

      Disassemble / Reassemble

      Movers help clients to pack their belongings, disassemble/reassemble and wrap furniture, and load/unload the truck. However, movers are not responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting any appliances or electronics, moving jacuzzi, pool tables or any other items that weight over 500 lb.

      Customer Has to Obtain a Parking Permit

      All customers are responsible for providing safe, legal parking/permit for the moving truck and the moving team. Once the move is complete, the customer has to inspect the truck for any left items.

      Basic Contract

      First, the foreman goes through the moving policy with the customer. Then, the foreman provides the contract to the client which has to be read and signed. The client can discuss last minute changes or requests with our representative who will try to accommodate his/her needs.

      Payment Type

      Customers must pay in full after the move is completed. The payment can be provided in cash or by credit card. We will not accept the credit card for payment if the person to whom this card belongs is not present.

      Your Moving Hours are Insured

      Primary moving insurance will be provided during the move to cover any damages. The insurance covers 60 cents per one pound of the damaged item. For the advanced coverage, the client can purchase a Move Policy from any 3rd party insurance company.

      FAQ – Answers to Frequently-asked Questions

      We collected the most common questions, and gave answers


      When should I contact my move coordinator?

      Meet with one of our experts before moving day. Give us six to eight weeks to plan your move. We can start anytime but early is better. Some people set their date for six months in advance. You will have peace of mind, knowing everything will be ready. We’ll have enough techs scheduled for the move. Your vehicle, equipment, and all supplies will be waiting.

      What packing options do we offer?

      Our three package deals include all the materials you need. We provide boxes, tape, packing paper, and shrink wrap. The boxes include small, medium, and large and will hold all your smaller items. Our professional movers are trained for special packing techniques. This protects your belongings from damage. The techs place large moving pads around and under your furniture. This prevents dings and scratches. It’s all part of the no-worry service at Movers and Movers.

      Do you need storage services?

      Do you have a lot of old stuff? Do you have more than you can fit in the new home? Talk to your moving coordinator and find out more. Sometimes people with too many belongings need some extra space. We offer a quality solution. You can check our secure, ultra-modern storage units. These are priced like our other services, to fit tight budgets. It’s an inexpensive way to store your extra stuff.

      What is Manhattan Beach known for?

      The city has several well-known locales. One of them is AdventurePlex. This is a fun venue designed for children’s activities with sports, outdoor activities, and reading rooms. Rock wall-climbing and Ropes Courses are part of the entertainment that works both little minds and bodies. Everything wholly supervised and safe for toddlers or older children. Child safety regulations certify the equipment. Another example of nearby entertainment is the Old Town Music Hall, located 3 miles from Manhattan Beach. Patrons get a chance to step back a few generations to see and hear classic entertainment. Live entertainers play old-style jazz and ragtime music. Old silent films and early “talkies” are presented on a large screen, some with background music from a restored 1920s pipe organ.

      A few facts about Manhattan Beach, CA?

      The 2.1-mile stretch of beach called Manhattan Beach has a fascinating history with celebrities and Hollywood films. Originally built on the dunes that have now mostly disappeared by land development in that region, except in the local Sand Dune Park. Also, Manhattan Beach has been used in such favorite movies as Jerry Maguire, Point Break, and Starsky and Hutch. Also, this was known to be a favored hang-out for the Beach Boys, who lived in Hawthorne when they were kids.

      Free Quotation for Professional Moving Services

      Ready to move? Let’s Discuss the Details

        Putting customer’s first makes us the best movers Manhattan Beach California residents will choose for relocation needs.

        Are you looking forward to your move day with anticipation or dread – or both? Most Americans move their businesses and families several times in their lives. Each moving event brings its kind of stress. Manhattan Beach Movers and Movers’ relocation and customer services are meant to make the burden lighter for you. Your everyday routine is filled with its worries. Don’t add to your load. We can do what needs to be done. Come into one of our convenient locations and talk to Manhattan Beach moving planner. We hire experts in the industry, people who know Manhattan Beach, the Bay Area, and other parts of Southern California. Our Manhattan Beach movers have helped some customers relocate businesses and families around the region. We set high standards which always satisfy a customer. We know you will like our procedures as you are guided through all phases of the moving process. As a full-service Manhattan Beach moving company, we handle everything, from the first planning phase to unloading your belongings at the new place. Set your expectations very high when you hire us. You won’t be disappointed. If you have a short distance to get between point-A and point-B, we will guide you through the process. If you have a long way to go (to another city, state, or country), Manhattan Beach Movers and Movers will travel every mile with you, making sure your stuff arrives safely. We feel our customer service policies, and competitive prices will bring in more customers to encourage repeat business.

        Long distance or Manhattan Beach local moves? Let our team work for you.

        Manhattan Beach Movers and Movers recently opened in Manhattan Beach and other locations around California. However, we are already building a positive reputation in Southern California as full-service relocation experts. Our staff members have worked hard, carrying household items or business equipment across town, to Los Angeles, and other points beyond. If you have a long distance or local move, come in and let us help you get started. We want you to know that we are taking on most of the burden without draining your bank accounts. From the time you enter, we try to establish a friendly rapport with you in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. As you consult with one of our Manhattan Beach moving planners, explain the details of your move day. He or she will coordinate everything with you to make sure all your needs are met. Based on your information, the planner will decide what kind of vehicles, equipment, and supplies will be required to make the process move along smoothly. Also, the distance will be considered and available routes, the size of items to be carried, and other things. We highly recommend that you select one of our insurance options to protect your possessions further. When all the planning has been completed, you will be handed a bid for your approval. Whether you have a residential or commercial move at Manhattan Beach, you will enjoy the best courtesy and professional service that one should have. If you’re planning an international movement, such as to Mexico or Canada, your planner can help you with the legalities involved with crossing the borders. Our staff will be there to guide you through all the way, whether it’s a local or long-distance move.

        Our vans and trucks are always ready.

        Our well-maintained fleet of vans and trucks are kept in top road-safe conditions before they leave the parking lot. We have an excellent mechanic crew who keeps all vehicles in top shape. Everything is put through routine tests with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. The oil and tires are kept fresh on a regular basis. Our people work hard to make sure everything stays in good working order.

        The moving companies Manhattan Beach CA. Citizens have, they are competent enough. But, how many of them go the extra mile for a customer.

        Does a strong focus on meeting customer needs make good business sense? You don’t have to be a marketing genius to know the answer to that one. Of course, it’s smart to place your customers’ satisfaction high on the priority list. Customers can make or break the business. Any moving company benefits when people see their movers taking meticulous care of household items or business assets. Satisfied customers usually tell others about their experience. Sometimes this is done by word of mouth. But in this age of interconnectivity, you can find customer reviews on the web, telling the world about their experience with Movers and Movers. You can know how we managed their moving process and read their comments on our company rates. This is one reason Movers and Movers, has reliable and courteous service as two critical points in its service policies. We pay close attention to detail and scheduling so that our Manhattan Beach movers and vehicles are ready to go on your moving day. If yours is a residential move, we will pull up to your house exactly when you ask. We keep a tight schedule but are flexible enough to manage unforeseen circumstances. If your moving date changes, we will work with you to make changes that will fit your needs. We encourage our customers to check out the competition before signing a contract with Manhattan Beach Movers and Movers. Go to the internet and compare our prices with other Manhattan Beach moving companies. Do your homework before hiring a service agreement.

        Our competitive prices and quality service essential issues for you?

        They are with most consumers. Just about everyone wants to strike that balance between rates and quality service. Having a substantial bid given by your planner is part of our “reliability” of service. You know you can depend upon the amount which you are quoted. We don’t use sleazy “hidden fees” tactics to milk extra dollars from our customers. Customers have already paid our drivers and Manhattan Beach movers great compliments for professionalism and timely arrival. A lot of people feel it’s important to see the trucks pull up to their present home a few minutes early. You can know your belongings are being handled by responsible Manhattan Beach movers and will arrive safely at the new location. Our movers will help you finish any packing left to do. Manhattan Beach Movers and Movers want to ensure your belongings arrive safely after a residential or commercial moving event. They will also happily provide tips on placing things in boxes. Small breakables like ceramic knick-knacks, or delicate chinaware are packed with filler to cushion them while en route. They will pad furniture and appliances with special heavy blankets for protection against scuffs. Boxes will be stacked for efficient spacing so that everything will be taken in one trip. Then, our people will help you unpack at the new home or office. For a commercial move, we will deliver your assets in good working order. Electronic devices like computers or copy machines will be handled and packed carefully. A representative of the manufacturer should disassemble industrial machinery if it is too large to transport a whole. Also, the machine should be loaded under strict supervision.

        Storage modules are available. We can have a unit waiting at your new location.

        Manhattan Beach Moving and storage services are a part of our efforts to fulfill all customers’ needs. If you have more stuff that will fit into your new place, Manhattan Beach Movers and Movers offer a solution. Your planner can ensure that one or more units will be waiting when you arrive at your new home or office. Whether that includes long- or short-term storage, we will handle that. There are a variety of durable models and sizes that will fit your needs without crushing your budget. They are secure enough to keep your items safe for as long as you need storage.

        Southern California is known for its beaches and other fun spots.

        The West Coast, and especially California, is famous for its recreational beaches. Manhattan Beach offers ample entertainment and activities for families and singles. Manhattan Beach also provides an excellent public education system to its residents’ children. Finally, there is a large selection of fun locations families to visit or for kids to go to while the parents are out for the day.

        Other beaches in the region

        Located 25 miles from the sands of Manhattan Beach, Long Beach provides its own set of sun and fun activities for more than 3.8 tourists annually. Attractions include the Queen Mary hotel, Aquarium of the Pacific, and other venues. The Queen Mary is an old English cruise ship that has been refurbished into a 5-star hotel. Aquarium of the Pacific offers children and adults a view of the animals and plants that exist in various parts of the ocean. Everyone will get a chance to learn more about how the different environments around the world interact and support life and help maintain a careful global ecological balance. Another beach within driving distance is Huntington Beach, approximately 34 miles away. Here, you can enjoy the surf and swim for a time then find one of the boat and kayak rentals and experience a whole new aspect of off-shore fun. Then you can take your canines to the Huntington Dog Beach and enjoy your fun in the sun with your favorite pet. Also, you can go to one of the whale-watch cruises. You can see the gentle giants of the deep as they “play” on the water’s surface near the shoreline. Tour guides will explain the underwater habits of several whale species while you watch and enjoy. Sunset Beach is only 27 miles away from Manhattan and has its entertainment venues. This site has had its name advertised through film media like soap operas and movies. Also, celebrity star Sandra Bullock is one of its famous residents. Sunset is also known for its selection of restaurants. Captain Jack’s and J. King Neptune are unusual seafood places. For those with a palate for Tex-Mex, Taco Surf has a variety of spicy foods. Finally, Ohana Kitchen and Cocktails offers a large selection of mixed drinks and meals.

        Education is vital in Manhattan Beach.

        Manhattan Beach Unified School District earned an overall #1 rating from Forbes Magazine in 2014. Mira Costa High School ranked sixth best prep public school in the Los Angeles area. The campus has a 2400 student population and holds a 23 to 1 student/teacher ratio and has been given an overall A+ grade by More than three-quarters of the students have excellent reading skills. Manhattan Beach Middle School is ranked #28 of all middle schools in California. It was given four-and-a-half stars and an A+ rating on It has a student population of 1549 and a student/teacher ratio of 25 to 1. Finally, Opal Robinson Elementary School had five star-ranking and listed as the third best primary school in the Manhattan Beach area. This campus is designed for K-5 grades and holds a student population of 416.

        Manhattan is a close neighbor to Hollywood, Ca.

        Only 24 miles from the movie capital of this planet, living in the Manhattan Beach area gives people the chance to take advantage of some of Hollywood’s best attractions. Many residents and tourists visit the glamour of this place and see where and how movies are made. Universal Studios opens its portals to visitors with guided tours. They explain many of the time-tested secrets of set decoration, stunts, pyrotechnics, and other things that put the glitz and drama into the entertainment industry. Another famous site is the Grauman Chinese Theater, which opened in 1928, where more than 200 celebrities from almost a century ago until the present day have left their footprints in cement.

        Movers and Movers have new business locations across Southern California.

        Manhattan Beach Movers and Movers is the new business in several Southern California cities, such as Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, and San Francisco Bay. We will handle any move or distance. Whether you need to move from one side of Manhattan Beach to the other, or across the state, our expert movers and planners will assist with all the work. We will take on most of the responsibility, and therefore most of the stress. You can trust the planner’s initial bid. You will know the costs from the outset. Visit one of our California locations and talk with the best Manhattan Beach movers.

        4.8 rating
        4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 140 reviews)
        Very good16%

        Will definitely use them again!

        5.0 rating
        February 22, 2019

        Great companies are made up of great people who practice excellent core principles and values. This group of people do just that.
        A Great Organization in every sense. Will definitely use them again and recommend them to everyone I encounter that needs moving assistance.


        Fast, friendly and professional

        5.0 rating
        November 10, 2018

        I looked for days before i finally got tired of looking and started calling moving companies. I left a message at Movers and Movers, got a call back in a few hours. they gave me a price and made the appointment. the price was fair and the work was excellent. when you get tired of calling around, call John. you’ll be satisfied. when I move again ( I’m sure I will ), i’ll know who i’ll call.


        5 stars

        5.0 rating
        November 7, 2018

        We had an extraordinary move . We had heaps of furniture and stuff, and our movers helped us arrange all our cases and packs into the truck and move all the heavy furniture. They wrapped my furniture with plastic wrap and covered fragile stuff with moving blankets! We were surprised when everything arrived without any damages and scratches. Because we used to have a terrible experience with other moving companies. Movers were polite, positive and respectful to our belongings. I will definitely suggest to everyone!


        Thanks a million Movers and Movers!!

        5.0 rating
        October 26, 2018

        I can’t say enough good things about this team. They were extremely prompt when I first called for a quote and continued to be helpful and flexible when all our plans changed last minute. The team was super prompt and did an incredibly speedy job all while being extremely careful and cautious with our furniture. Not a single item was scratched or damaged (I’ve never had this happen before in a move btw). They were the friendliest, most hard working, badass crew I’ve ever come across. I’m a little sad I’m not moving anytime in the near future because these guys make it an awesome experience.


        Good job

        4.0 rating
        October 24, 2018

        Guys moved quickly and efficiently. Took good care of our stuff and were very respectful of the space. Arrived later than we had scheduled, partly due to BART issues, but partly not. No big deal because- hey, what else are we doing all day- but something to maybe be aware of if you are on a tight schedule. I would definitely hire them again!