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Movers and Movers – Long Beach movers provide better customer service policy.

We provide local and long distance moving services.

The affordable movers Long Beach, California residents will return to are those who focus on satisfying the customer. Quality of our Long Beach moving service will guide and assist you throughout the whole moving process, from planning to unloading.

Full-service Moving Company

Our goal is to take the stress of moving off your shoulders. Since we are a full-service moving company, we’ll provide as much or as little moving support as you need.

Storage Services

Do you need storage service for affordable rates? We offer an array of ultra-modern storage solutions. We’ll provide safe storage which is a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

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Our Prices / No Hidden Fees & No Surprises

1 Bedroom

$ 100

Per Hour
  • 2 Movers and Truck
  • Each extra mover +30$
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Fuel
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2-3 Bedroom

$ 150

Per Hour
  • 3 Movers and Truck
  • Each extra mover +30$
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Fuel
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3-5 Bedroom

$ 200

Per Hour
  • 4 Movers and Truck
  • Each extra mover +30$
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Fuel
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Our Features

Hassle-Free Moving

Movers always carry: dollies, shrink wrap, moving pods, wardrobe boxes, and other moving supplies. You should NOT worry about the moving process because the moving team is always prepared for any surprises.

Optimal Team for Your Move

We have a recommendations for a perfect moving project:
1 bedroom – 2 movers.
2 bedrooms – 3 men crew,
3 bedrooms and up – 4,5,6 men or more.

Simple Price Calculation

Hourly charges will start as soon as our movers arrive at the customer’s location. After minimal reserved hours has expired, the client will be charged quarterly rate (1 hour= 4 quarters, 1 quarter = 15 min).

Disassemble / Reassemble

Movers help clients to pack their belongings, disassemble/reassemble and wrap furniture, and load/unload the truck. However, movers are not responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting any appliances or electronics, moving jacuzzi, pool tables or any other items that weight over 500 lb.

Customer Has to Obtain a Parking Permit

All customers are responsible for providing safe, legal parking/permit for the moving truck and the moving team. Once the move is complete, the customer has to inspect the truck for any left items.

Basic Contract

First, the foreman goes through the moving policy with the customer. Then, the foreman provides the contract to the client which has to be read and signed. The client can discuss last minute changes or requests with our representative who will try to accommodate his/her needs.

Payment Type

Customers must pay in full after the move is completed. The payment can be provided in cash or by credit card. We will not accept the credit card for payment if the person to whom this card belongs is not present.

Your Moving Hours are Insured

Primary moving insurance will be provided during the move to cover any damages. The insurance covers 60 cents per one pound of the damaged item. For the advanced coverage, the client can purchase a Move Policy from any 3rd party insurance company.

FAQ – Answers to Frequently-asked Questions

We collected the most common questions, and gave answers


When should I contact my move coordinator?

Meet with one of our experts before moving day. Give us six to eight weeks to plan your move. We can start anytime but early is better. Some people set their date for six months in advance. You will have peace of mind, knowing everything will be ready. We’ll have enough techs scheduled for the move. Your vehicle, equipment, and all supplies will be waiting.

What packing options do we offer?

Our three package deals include all the materials you need. We provide boxes, tape, packing paper, and shrink wrap. The boxes include small, medium, and large and will hold all your smaller items. Our cheap movers Long Beach CA are trained for special packing techniques. This protects your belongings from damage. The techs place large moving pads around and under your furniture. This prevents dings and scratches. It’s all part of the no-worry service at Movers and Movers.

Do you need storage services?

Do you have a lot of old stuff? Do you have more than you can fit in the new home? Talk to your moving coordinator and find out more. Sometimes people with too many belongings need some extra space. We offer a quality solution. You can check our secure, ultra-modern moving storage units. These are priced like our other services, to fit tight budgets. It’s an inexpensive way to store your extra stuff.

What are some interesting facts about Long Beach, CA?

First, findings in Long Beach show humans have resided in the area for about ten thousand years. Spanish explorers discovered it in the latter 16th Century. About 200 years later, a wealthy Spanish soldier was given a land grant, and he established Ranchos Los Nietos. Then in the 1830s, Mexico claimed California and the large tract of land was divided into six parcels. The ranch land passed through several owners until the 1870s, when William E. Willmore tried to found Willmore City but was bought out by the Long Beach Land and Water Company of Los Angeles. The city of “Long Beach” was finally chartered in 1897. The famed Jergins Tunnel is rumored to be haunted. The tunnel was built under the city in the 20s as a safe walkway. It was closed in the 70s. No paranormal activity has been officially documented since it reopened in 2007. Finally, part of the well-known Queen Mary hotel is said to house one of the scariest “haunted house” amusements during the Halloween season. This old British cruise ship was made into a luxurious hotel, and every year it is made into a thematic entertainment site to celebrate the holiday. If you move to Long Beach you should visit a number of interesting sites. Kids and adults might be interested in seeing the uniqueness seeded within the community and finding out more about their history.

Do you need storage facilities?

Movers and Movers is professional movers Long Beach which can offer storage units to anyone who has more stuff than they can put into the new house or office location. The variety of secure models and sizes will provide styles that should fit your needs and your budget. Tell your moving planner if you believe you will need one or more of our modules at the new location, and we will have them waiting when you arrive. All are secure state-of-the-art units, meant to keep your personal belongings safe for as long as you need them.

Free Quotation for Professional Moving Services

Ready to move? Let’s Discuss the Details

Our expert Long Beach movers focus on customers.

Mentioning West Coast beaches invokes mental images of sandy shorelines and surfboards, people catching the right waves or playing beach volleyball on the shore. Long Beach provides a wide range of options for family entertainment and activity, in addition to its variety of services. Long Beach Movers and Movers is the new business in town, offering quality relocation services to residents. We strive to be the most effective beach low price movers available to you. We are a full service moving company, which means our customers receive help in all phases of their moving event. Statistically, it is known that every American will move an average of four or five times (or more) in their life. Therefore, we have designed our customer-oriented policies and pro-active procedures to encourage repeat business.

Long Distance and Local Movers in Long Beach CA will like working with our people.

Our people have worked hard on several moving events already, so our reputation is growing. We’ve moved many people across town or into another city. Some of our customers crossed into states near California. Whatever the distance or the type of move, residential or commercial, we provide the same customer courtesy and expert service. Local or long-distance moves are accepted. We will go the extra mile for you. When you come into one of our California locations, you will be greeted promptly and offered the chance to work with one of our moving coordinators. You and your planner will discuss the details of your move. From your information, he or she will decide what size trucks will be needed, the number of boxes, and other details. Other factors like the distance of the move will be considered. We, also, highly recommend you choose one of our insurance plans that will further safeguard your belongings en route, just in case of any extreme incidents. After everything is laid out, your planner will provide a feasible bid for your approval.

With our movers, Long Beach CA can be assured their belongings will arrive safely.

Reliability and promptness are parts of that great service policy that keeps customers happy. A moving schedule tends to run very tightly. Even though unplanned things can happen, at Long Beach Movers and Movers we will do everything we can to keep your event running smoothly. We are flexible enough to rearrange schedules to meet even unexpected needs. So, if you call us to say your moving date must be changed, that’s okay. We want everything to run well because satisfied customers are our greatest marketers. Many go online and tell everyone we arrived on time, worked quickly but safely to get everything loaded, and got to their point B with no damages to their possessions. Customer reviews are an important part of our growth in the Long Beach area and throughout the state. One complaint against other moving companies is the lack of fair pricing. At Movers and Movers, we keep our prices competitive within the industry, and your beginning bid is solid. Also, we don’t use hidden fees to milk a few extra dollars from our customers like some less reputable companies. If you need time to shop the internet and check out our competitors, that’s fine. We encourage you to be sure of other moving services, before making a commitment to our company. We are confident when you compare the numbers, our business will stand out. When moving day arrives, you can be assured that your belongings are in good hands. Customers praise our drivers and movers because (first) the trucks showed up on time and (second) everybody was very friendly and professional in their work. When the movers arrive at your present home or office, they will assist with any unfinished packing. Small breakable items like china dishes, ceramic lamps, and knick-knacks will be boxed up with soft filler to prevent breakage. When your things are placed into the trucks, the boxes will be loaded into the vehicles quickly and efficiently and set to economize space as closely as possible. Appliances and furniture will be placed with large heavily padded moving blankets to prevent dings along the way. When we arrive at the new destination, your belongings will be carefully unloaded and unpacked. Whether you have a residential or commercial move, you will receive the same level of care. For a business or office move, computers and laptops will be packed and handled properly, so they will be in good working order upon arrival. Any commercial machinery that you want moving should be disassembled if they will not fit a vehicle while intact. This should be managed by representatives of the manufacturer or some other qualified person then loaded under.

There are attractions other than moving companies Long Beach CA and surrounding areas offer its residents and tourists.

Long Beach is in the Los Angeles area. There are several places the family can visit and enjoy. An assortment of fine restaurants provides delicious food in elegant settings. Some of the most highly rated eating establishments include L’Opera Ristorante, The Breakfast Bar, Parker’s Lighthouse, and many others. Long Beach has an assortment of food types from pizza to French cuisine.

Education is an essential factor, …

Schools are an essential part of any community because parents will always want quality learning wherever they move. Some of the choice elementary schools in Long Beach include Carver Elementary on E. Carver Street, Kettering Elementary on Silvera, Muir K-8 on Delta, and many others. Some of the middle schools in the Long Beach area include Westerly or Hughes. Finally, the choices for high schools are Long Beach Polytechnic, Cabrillo, Millikan, and so many more. Kids will not be lacking for education in the Long Beach school districts. For institutions of higher learning, young adults can pursue their degrees at DeVry, National University, or Stanbridge.

… family-oriented entertainment …

Any community needs a place where families can go hang out and have fun. The Long Beach area has several choices for good family entertainment and activities. Amusement parks like Knotts Berry Farm or Adventure Land invite kids and parents to a day of rides, games, and food. The famous Queen Mary hotel is an old made-over cruise ship with the veneer of 1930s charm. For natural wonders, the Long Beach area has a number of parks and the oft-visited Aquarium of the Pacific, which displays animals and oceanic ecosystems from around the world.

… and area beaches.

Finally, beaches are a big deal in southern California, and Long Beach is well known for its recreational facilities. Other nearby beaches that are frequently visited include Seal Beach (6 miles away), Sunset Beach (9 miles away), and Huntington Beach (15 miles away). Each of these has its own set of entertainment and activities.

Long Beach Movers and Movers.

We are one of the best America’s moving company long beach. Movers and Movers locations are available in many California cities, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, and others. Our professional moving company will manage a local moving across town or into another state. We will guide you through everything, whether it’s a commercial or residential move. We will always do a great job for you. We will manage as much of the moving event as you want, and you will always know up front how much the cost and what you are paying for. We want you to be the next satisfied customer.

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 140 reviews)
Very good16%

Movers and Movers gets the job done!

4.0 rating
February 6, 2019

Good moving company. Friendly and knowledgeable movers. I used them in 2018 to move my office furniture.
I would use them again.


I strongly recommend them!

5.0 rating
January 16, 2019

My experience with them started with the customer service: they were nice, polite, patient and knowledgeable. When I was still on the phone they send me an email with all the details.
The movers arrived on time. I hired 3 guys. They worked hard but on the same time they were really carful with my furnitures. They wrapped everything and they waited for me to know where I want the boxes. They move some of my forniture a couple of times because I wasn’t sure were I want them.
My moving was easy and smooth.


Careful service

5.0 rating
November 11, 2018

We really appreciate their careful service. We moved from 1-bedroom to 2-bedroom. We hired 3 people, and it took 4 hours from Burlingame to Woodside. It was a bit difficult moving because our both apartments have a tiny elevator and our units were far from the entrance, but they handled it as fast as they could and as careful as they could…


Good team

4.0 rating
November 1, 2018

After a fiasco with another moving company, I called Movers and Movers. Everything went smoothly. The guys were on time, and promptly and professionally started moving things out of my storage unit. They loaded and unloaded my things much quicker than expected, and even assembled my wonky bed. If I have to do another local move, I will call them first.


We will be referring this company to our friends

5.0 rating
October 22, 2018

More than pleased with the service this company provided during our move. We left a 1br to move to a 1br and that was done in less than 3 hours! Very professional and very nice! Thank you for the great experience!