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Affordable Movers Irvine – Movers and Movers Moving Company

We provide local and long distance moving services.

We’ve built up an Irvine moving company to meet all your needs. Our professional staff guides the customer through the moving process for a seamless and positive experience that will draw them back the next time. But anyways you should remember that: “Irvine Movers and Movers – they have licensed and insured movers near me”. We are welcome anyone customers.

Full-service Moving Company

Our goal is to take the move stress of moving off your shoulders. Since we are a full-service moving company, we’ll provide as much or as little moving support as you need.

Storage Services

Do you need storage service for affordable rates? We offer an array of ultra-modern storage solutions. We’ll provide safe storage which is a perfect fit for your needs and budget.

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Our Prices / No Hidden Fees & No Surprises

1 Bedroom

$ 100

Per Hour
  • 2 Movers and Truck
  • Each extra mover +30$
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Fuel
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2-3 Bedroom

$ 150

Per Hour
  • 3 Movers and Truck
  • Each extra mover +30$
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Fuel
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3-5 Bedroom

$ 200

Per Hour
  • 4 Movers and Truck
  • Each extra mover +30$
  • Free Moving Pads
  • Free Tools
  • Free Packing Tape
  • Shrink Wrap
  • Fuel
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Our Features

Hassle-Free Moving

Movers always carry: dollies, shrink wrap, moving pods, wardrobe boxes, and other moving supplies. You should NOT worry about the moving process because the moving team is always prepared for any surprises.

Optimal Team for Your Move

We have a recommendations for a perfect moving project:
1 bedroom – 2 movers.
2 bedrooms – 3 men crew,
3 bedrooms and up – 4,5,6 men or more.

Simple Price Calculation

Hourly charges will start as soon as our movers arrive at the customer’s location. After minimal reserved hours has expired, the client will be charged quarterly rate (1 hour= 4 quarters, 1 quarter = 15 min).

Disassemble / Reassemble

Movers help clients to pack their belongings, disassemble/reassemble and wrap furniture, and load/unload the truck. However, movers are not responsible for disconnecting and reconnecting any appliances or electronics, moving jacuzzi, pool tables or any other items that weight over 500 lb.

Customer Has to Obtain a Parking Permit

All customers are responsible for providing safe, legal parking/permit for the moving truck and the moving team. Once the move is complete, the customer has to inspect the truck for any left items.

Basic Contract

First, the foreman goes through the moving policy with the customer. Then, the foreman provides the contract to the client which has to be read and signed. The client can discuss last minute changes or requests with our representative who will try to accommodate his/her needs.

Payment Type

Customers must pay in full after the move is completed. The payment can be provided in cash or by credit card. We will not accept the credit card for payment if the person to whom this card belongs is not present.

Your Moving Hours are Insured

Primary moving insurance will be provided during the move to cover any damages. The insurance covers 60 cents per one pound of the damaged item. For the advanced coverage, the client can purchase a Move Policy from any 3rd party insurance company.

FAQ – Answers to Frequently-asked Questions

We collected the most common questions, and gave answers


When should I contact my move organizer?

Meet with one of our experts before moving day. Give us six to eight weeks to plan your move. We can start anytime but early is better. Some people set their date for six months in advance. You will have peace of mind, knowing everything will be ready. We’ll have enough techs scheduled for the move. Your vehicle, equipment, and all supplies will be waiting.

What packing options do you offer?

Our three package deals include all the materials you need. We provide boxes, tape, packing paper, and shrink wrap. The boxes include small, medium, and large and will hold all your smaller items. Our professional movers are trained for special packing techniques. This protects your belongings from damage. The techs place large moving pads around and under your furniture. This prevents dings and scratches. It’s all part of the no-worry service at Movers and Movers.

Do you need storage services?

Do you have a lot of old stuff? Do you have more than you can fit in the new home? Talk to your moving coordinator and find out more. Sometimes people with too many belongings need some extra space. We offer a top quality solution. You can check our secure, ultra-modern storage units. These are priced like our other services, to fit tight budgets. It’s an inexpensive way to store your extra stuff.

Free Quotation for Professional Moving Services

Ready to move? Let’s Discuss the Details

You can work with the best customer-oriented affordable movers Irvine in our city at Movers and Movers.

We are a full-service Irvine moving company with customer-oriented policies and procedure that ensures your moving event is a positive experience. We want you to be comfortable with the way we handle your move, whether you’re going across town or to another city or state. Although we’re a new Irvine Moving Company and our reputation in Orange County as a reliable service is growing. Whether you’re moving your family to a new home or relocating your business, we want you to have the best Irvine moving experience possible.

We focus on great service and cost efficiency.

Who doesn’t want affordable moving at Irvine? Moving tends to add unwanted chaos and expense to your already busy life. However, a professional Irvine moving service with qualified staff can bring some company to the process. Careful planning and execution of the move will help reduce stress to you, the customer, making it easier to deal with the problems of relocation while you still struggle with the normal day-to-day probs of work and school. When you plan your commercial move with one of our staff members, they will offer you a series of plans with varying costs so that you can choose one that fits your bank account.

We manage long and short distance moves.

Are you making a long distance move into or out of Irvine? Irvine Movers and Movers has several locations around the country that can handle any distance. When you come into one of our centers, you will be allowed to view the variety of truck sizes we have in the parking lot and decide which one will meet your needs. You can meet our drivers and mechanics who work with them. Our vehicles are maintained and kept in tip-top condition to make sure your moving experience runs seamlessly. Our mechanics oversee oil changes, tire maintenance, and all other aspects of care for our moving truck fleet. Irvine Movers and Movers drivers are licensed professionals with many years of experience driving a variety of truck sizes. For long and short hauls, they will work with your consultant in planning the best possible moving route to get your stuff from A to B with little or no risk. Schedules will be coordinated to your convenience, so they show up on time on moving day.


We hire moving experts.

With Irvine Movers and Movers, you can be sure our people will give you an excellent job. Our affordable movers are trained to guide you through the whole process, from planning your event to unloading that last parcel from our trucks. When you meet with one of our moving consultants, they will sit down with you in a comfortable setting. You can have a cup of coffee or bottled water while discussing the details of your moving event. You will know that you’re dealing with some of the best Irvine moving companies anywhere. Irvine Movers and Movers is a prime company to choose for home moving. Our staff will help you box up your possessions and stack them into one of the well-maintained vehicles in our fleet. Your furniture will be protected with extra padding and covering to prevent scrapes and damage. In addition, our company works with reputable insurance providers to further protect your belongings in case of an extreme incident.

What is it like to live in Irvine, CA?

Irvine living provides an array of public and private schools to ensure your child’s education. For instance, Turtle Rock Elementary is a five-star school located at 5151 Amalfi Drive, near the scenic Turtle Rock hiking trail. Also, the University of California in Irvine is conveniently located for those students who want to seek higher education. Irvine has a number of attractions to enrich the family life of its residents. For instance, Boomers provides amusement for a family day out with a variety of rides, prizes, rock climbing, and other fun activities. Then, there is Irvine’s Spectrum Center that has more than 100 shopping stores, restaurants and movie theaters. Its beautiful fountains are some of the artistic features, and the centerpiece of this place is its vintage antique carousel. Finally, the city’s landmark wildlife parks and nature trails provide a natural setting for outdoor activities like picnicking or hiking. These and other sites make Irvine the perfect place to live and raise a family.

Do you need storage facilities?

Some people own more stuff than they know what to do with once they reach their new home or office location. As an additional service, Movers and Movers provides storage cubicles for its customers. If you think you will need one of our durable facilities, tell your moving consultant and he or she will be sure you are provided with one or more of our sturdy and affordable units by the time your moving day arrives.

We will guide your move as smoothly as possible.

Surveys have shown that most American adults will relocate multiple times throughout their lives. As a customer-centric full service moving company, we want to keep you coming back every time. Our moving services include all aspects of the relocation process so that you will be satisfied with us and have stress free. We provide packing, moving, and storage for anyone, and you get to decide how much help you want, according to what you can afford. Irvine Movers and Movers works hard because we want to be the best Irvine moving company available.

4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 140 reviews)
Very good16%

Hands down the most professional and polite movers

4.0 rating
February 14, 2019

Have used this company twice in the last year and both crews have been outstanding. Everything is so well taken care of by these guys, they wrap everything to prevent damage and are always so careful when moving things in as well.


A definite 5 star from me

5.0 rating
December 6, 2018

Movers helped me move from Fremont to South Bay with ease. Great communication and extra kudos to Vicki for being flexible since I had to change my moving date/time three times due to some contractor issues. The movers are very capable and paid great attention to details. They laid red carpet in my new house to make sure the floor is clean. Ask all detailed questions about where things should go. They bring tools too, which is handy.


They made our moving experience very smooth and easy

5.0 rating
November 29, 2018

My husband and I cannot say enough great things about Movers and Movers! To start, we moved from a two bedroom apartment in Sausalito to another two bedroom apartment in San Francisco… that was up three flights of stairs without an elevator! The movers showed up to our Sausalito apartment on time then carefully and efficiently loaded all of our stuff into their truck (including providing extra padding so items did not get scratched). Then they moved all our stuff up three flights of stairs, assembled our beds, and organized our items based on the room (eg: kitchen items in the kitchen, etc). The entire time the movers were professional and courteous. Afterwards, upon inspection, not a single item was scratched or harmed! Everything from start to finish was exceptional, including the price quote, moving arrangements, and planning. Overall, Movers and Movers made our moving experience very smooth and easy.


I will definitely be using them again in the future!

5.0 rating
November 18, 2018

I moved this past weekend from a 1 bedroom downtown apartment to another tricky (to park) location in San Francisco and it was no problem for these guys! I was super impressed with how fast they moved my stuff, but still with care. Nothing was broken and all of my stuff was well taken care of. The move was around 3 hours and I was super pleased with their prices. If you’re looking for affordable movers that are reputable and won’t damage your belongings, then look no further than Movers and Movers! I highly recommend these folks to anyone.


I love Movers and Movers company!

5.0 rating
November 12, 2018

They moved me twice this year. I had 3-bedroom house with full of solid wood furniture. They showed up on time as was planned and even called me when they were on their way. They took care of my marble and solid wood furniture. They wrapped my stuff with bubble wrap and blankets. My bedroom set was covered with shrink wrap, so nothing was damaged. They were friendly and super fast. The job was done in 4 hours which is a miracle! I recommend them to everyone!