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    You’ll Love Our Best Moving Insurance Options

    A moving company should always offer the best moving insurance options which are designed to be affordable, while also offering a good level of protection. When you choose Movers and Movers, you’ll find that we offer different tiers of coverage and policy types. You’ll be able to tailor your insurance purchase to your budget. What’s most important is selecting a level of coverage which gives you peace of mind. Our moving experts have taken care to find the best policies. You should know that basic moving insurance coverage is mandatory in California. This type of coverage will provide you with sixty cents per pound for each damaged article. We provide basic coverage which is legal and reputable.


    Do You Want More Coverage?

    You may buy a higher level of coverage if you wish to and many of our customers do make the decision to access more comprehensive coverage. Whether you want basic, mid-range or high-end coverage, you will be able to get it when you hire our San Jose-based moving company. However, our policies don’t cover certain items that tend to have higher values, including costly electronics, such as iPhones and jewelry. As well, if you’re moving cash along with your belongings, you should know that moving insurance won’t cover those monies. At Movers and Movers, we take responsibility. This means that we are accountable for what happens while we are moving your household goods from Point A to Point B. If you notice damage to an item which you believed happened during the move, please let us know right away. We’ll research the problem and then come up with a resolution. When we are at fault, we’ll replace or repair the item, or offer you fair compensation. As you can see, when you choose us, you’ll be choosing great moving insurance options from a movers which believes in taking responsibility.