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We provide local and long-distance moving services for residential and commercial clients.

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If you’re in search of local and long-distance moving services, you’ve come to the right place. We’re happy to help you with your future moving needs. Movers and Movers offer quality and professional assistance along with competitive rates, top-notch customer service, and tons of experience in the moving industry. Bringing smiles to customers, one move at a time.

Full-Service Moving Company

The more straightforward the moving process is, the better. We like to implement this mindset towards moving to make the experience a better one for our customers. We service many locations across the United States and have local facilities with a fleet of moving trucks, material, and professionals ready for action. We know you work hard for your money, and we want to make sure you receive your money’s worth. We have an entire team with full knowledge and experience in the moving industry, ready to take on the stress of moving, so you don’t have to. Contact our team today, and we’ll walk you through the process!

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Services We Provide

Local Moving

Looking to stay close? We service locally. We’ll get you from Point A to Point B in no time.

Long Distance Moving

Are you moving cross country? We’re right behind you. We’ll take care of getting you from one state to the next – guaranteed price. You fly – we’ll drive.

Labor Only

Looking to take care of only half the move? We got the other half covered. Whether you need help loading or unloading, we’ll meet you on the other end.

Office Moves

Found a new office space? We’ll help you get settled. From one office to another, we know the ins and outs of moving your office.

Partial or full pack service

We understand packing can be overwhelming. Sit down, relax, and observe. We’ll take care of the preparation– supplies included.

Hassle-Free Moving

Simple moving is best. We monitor your move every step of the way. Our office representatives and our teams out on the field are in constant communication with each other to help achieve a hassle-free experience.

Optimal Team for Your Move

We provide you with the perfect recommendation for your moving needs. Our sales specialists use their expertise to determine the correct amount of movers for your move size. We also match you with the ideal prices beneficiary to your budget.

Simple Price Calculation

We don’t start counting the time until we get to your location. Time only starts taking into account once we arrive and ends once we complete your move at your new residence. We don’t believe in charging you for extra time, which is why we also prorate every 15 minutes. Our simple price calculation is ideal for all.

Basic Contract

Upon our arrival, the foreman goes through the moving policy with the customer. Once mutually agreed and signed, we start the move. A final receipt is provided to our customers. The client can discuss last-minute changes or requests with our representative, who will try to accommodate his/her needs.

Payment Type

Acceptable payment method: Cash, Debit or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover)

FAQ – Answers to Frequently-asked Questions

We collected the most common questions, and gave answers


How do I book a move with Movers and Movers and how far in advance?

You can lock in your moving date by email or phone. As soon as you’re sure you want to move forward, we recommend you secure the reservation to make sure you don’t miss out on availability. In other words, the sooner, the better. However, if you find yourself stuck in a bubble and request last-minute assistance, we can try and help you arrange a last-minute move. We are always here to help! When you phone our company or email us, we’ll take a look at what you need and provide you with our best recommendation. We believe that swift and genuine communication is a crucial element to our success, which is why we offer speedy assistance. We’ll help you to the best of our ability when you contact us.

My move date changed. What should I do?

Not to worry - these things happen all of the time. The best strategy is to get in touch with us right away. We’ll do everything that we can to accommodate you and reschedule your reservation for the new moving day. We have a large number of moving trucks and a team of experts available at all times should you need need to make any changes. Our team will seek out every possibility to accommodate to your new date. Having the right resources and team experts makes it possible for us to help when plans change.

How much to tip movers?

How much to tip movers is a common question frequently asked. Moving is a physical, hard labor job, which is why tipping is common in the industry. However, there are factors to help you consider a fair tip amount. Factors such as the move duration, your satisfaction, the difficulty of the move, and so forth. To give you a better idea, the movers are usually individually tipped, mostly starting at $20 per person. Tipping is not mandatory, however, and it’s neither requested or expected. It’s entirely up to the customer, and the crew members much appreciate anything you wish to give.

How much does a moving company cost?

Your move cost will depend on your move size. Moving cross country will cost more than a local move. If you hire long distance movers, you are guaranteed an all-inclusive quote which is obtained by discussing your move details with a specialist. If you’re wondering what local movers cost, the best way to confirm an hourly charge is by contacting us directly. Every move is unique, and it’s important to share your move details so that we can determine the correct moving cost for you. If you’re working with a budget, ask us about cheaper days and any discounts. We want to work with you, so we’re open to discussing more affordable options.

Free Quotation for Professional Moving Services

Ready to move? Let’s Discuss the Details